My journey to becoming the truest version of myself stemmed from my frustrations of not living in my truth. I was putting on an image at work of who I thought I was expected to be, I started feeling disconnected in my relationships with friends and partners, and as I got older it became harder to pretend that I was fulfilled personally, professionally and socially. I wanted more from life and from myself. I slowly realized that I was not pursuing my most authentic life goals and I was trying to find the right direction without the proper support and guidance. I wished I had a big gay brother, so to speak, to fill in the many gaps in the system for gay professional African-American males. Although there were online and social options available for gay men, I struggled to find a platform that highlighted the unique complexities of the gay African-American male experience.Dealing with these issues of being a gay African-American male became a constant in my life and I would spend hours poring over the least risky decision to make. As much as I could explain my situation to concerned friends, I could never seem to find the right resources to educate me on how to deal with the challenges I faced. This sense of frustration with the lack of resources geared towards people like me started the process of what would eventually become EBANMAN Inc.Since that point in 2016, EBANMAN Inc. has become the voice for the seemingly invisible gay African-American male professional.

What started off as an idea for a series of local social events has evolved into the premier brand focusing on the lifestyle of the mature professional African-American gay man. As the needs of our community have evolved, we have also evolved. Through our online, digital and print platforms we provide opportunities for you to engage with others on current issues that affect our community and access to advice from industry experts. Our online magazine showcases the hidden gems in our EBANMAN life, lifestyle, leisure, arts & entertainment and community voice sections that can help you elevate your life to the next level. Whether you are an individual looking for personal or professional advice or a business looking to grow your operations, we have just the tools you need to get started in the right direction:


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