By Felton Kizer


I was introduced to Rodney Wash via Instagram, as many introductions and love stories these days. I’m a millennial through in through. The internet raised me, and yet I still struggle to keep up. I fell in love with Twitter when it first came out and swiftly left it for Instagram when it was introduced. I guess you can say I homie hopped.


When chatting with Rodney, he made a few things very clear. He is rooted in faith, the truth, and himself. His keen sense of self allows him to maneuver through a world and industry without a blueprint; he is that blueprint. Hailing from Gulfport, Mississippi to Atlanta, Georgia, Rodney is currently in the process of recording his newest talk show, “Over a cup of Coffee,” on AIB Network.


When asked, “What was was your relationship with media growing up?” He took a moment and responded with, ” So yeah growing up gay and trying to figure that out. Noah’s Ark was an eye-opener for me. It was okay to be gay and have gay friends and have gay experiences I looked up to him (Noah). Growing up gay, you learn from people around you.”


When asked about media today, he had a lot more to say. ” YouTube, Instagram, and social media platform as a whole, like you don’t have to go to Hollywood to be famous anymore. You could be on Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, whatever you do if you got the viewership. ”


With the internet being at our fingertips, the idea of “making it” seems a bit closer than ever before. What separates Rodney from “everyone else.” It’s his work ethic, his authenticity, and his commitment to himself.


To keep up with Rodney and all that he’s doing, be sure to subscribe to his Youtube.





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