NIPI Smart Cooler and Solar Generator

Are you tired of the traditional coolers? Have you ever thought, “Geez, I wish I charged my phone before I left the house or I wish I had my charger right now?” Well the solution is now here. I have the perfect gift to give your lover, your husband, or just a dear friend. Now Presenting the NIPI Smart Cooler and Solar Generator.

This is the cooler of all coolers. Here we have piece of tech that all men will enjoy, with so many perks it will be like writing a full story. This smart device has the ability to generate solar energy through the panel located on the roof in order to keep all of your frozen delicacies frozen, and your beers cold. Ever said to yourself I need an outlet for my music? Or charge your phone? Now you have the ability to hook up your personal items that have a USB connection to the side of the cooler. Not only are we bale to use the outside, but it also comes with an internal dry storage place where you can charge other items such as tablets and your phone. The Nipi comes with a 14,000 mAH internal battery that can charge your phone up to 7 times or your tablet up to 4 times, it also has the option to store double the battery capacity. It comes with cutting edge illumination on the outside and the inside for those days we have those late night rendezvous. With its sleek and sexy appeal. It is by far the coolest cooler around!
Price: $195


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