Love And Relationships

with Dr Eban

Ever meet someone online and they appear to be everything you’re looking for? You meet, you go out on dates, you have mind blowing sex, they meet your friends, family, co-workers, pets, etc..My question is… Do you keep your online profile active? Why log on looking for what you’ve already found? It’s so unfair to the new person in your life who probably has already been damaged. Its unfair to not give them a fair shot. Their sharing you without knowledge. How would you feel if you had to share someone you really liked? Before doing something to someone..put yourself in their shoes. Can you handle it? It seems easy to meet someone, share common interest and build but the world seems to be driven by lust. We all want that special someone we can be ourselves with but are you really being yourself if you’re being greedy. We all have a story and the last thing we need is for someone to make us feel it’s safe to let our guard down only to hurt our previously guarded heart. This has to stop! Karma has no EXPIRATION DATE! You’re very lucky if you’ve had the pleasure of meeting someone online and they were everything they advertised. Its ok to have one lover at a time. if you’ve been blessed with someone that likes you for you and fully accepts the REAL you (not the profile picture or your assets) consider yourself lucky. When creating a dating profile its important to be honest, keep in mind its a possibility you’re going to eventually meet. Why lie about appearance, possessions and stability? Imagine meeting someone that doesn’t care how or why your last relationship ended or if you’ve recently gained weight.. all they care about is your connection with them. Its very important to be honest during the “Talking” stage before being promoted to someones other half and possible spouse. No one wants to be embarrassed or hurt by having a loose mate or community property. This world is full of promiscuous people with diseases who’s hormones are jumping like a disco.

Articles like Love, Lies & Relationships are very necessary because it helps with simple mistakes in relationships that could be avoided with awareness. We’re all striving to be great but heartache and deception can cause health problems that can slow us down and distract us in life. Meeting your soul mate is hard but not impossible. If you’ve been hurt in a relationship don’t give up… keep loving, dig down in that battle torn heart and find more love to give. Remember Damaged people… Damage people. Take your time and get to know someone before giving your oh so guarded heart and STD FREE body to them so easily. Some people are dishonest by nature and its up to us to determine who is worth the fight. We all have baggage, some more than others we must learn who’s baggage is worth unpacking. In no way am I saying dating sites aren’t worth it all I’m saying is talk openly about dating sites and profiles.

If you’ve met your mate online discuss what should be done with profiles once you’ve become exclusive. Many mistakes are made when we log on after a fight or argument. Deception and dishonesty creates and cause online drama. Everyone is different if you’re cool with having dating profiles all over the Internet find out if your partner is as secure and understanding as you. Dating sites are also great if you’re new to an area and looking for local friends with similar interest but again its important to communicate with your partner before welcoming NEW unknown strangers into your lives. Be honest with your partner but most importantly..Be honest with yourself!

“Life ain’t guaranteed..So what makes you think relationships are” – Unknown

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