I am crazy excited to finally be able to introduce two amazing men, Dwight
Rodgers and Kory Ward, and their sizzling hot show, Couples in The Kitchen. Please help me get the EBANMAN Magazine excited about this show so we can get the first Gay-focused cooking show online!  The best way to support the show is to watch the pilot and comment to share your enthusiasm!

And, to help spread the word about the COUPLES IN THE KITCHEN pilot!

What is Couples In The Kitchen?

COUPLES IN THE KITCHEN is much more than just a cooking show.  While each episode will center around the preparation of an easy yet delicious meal, COUPLES IN THE KITCHEN is also filled with Chef D (Dwight) and his Partner Kory’s signature approach to both great cooking and lifestyle.

COUPLES IN THE KITCHEN is designed to bring the growing popularity of the Gay Culture to everyone’s kitchen with delicious recipes for home-cooked meals made with nourishing whole-foods ingredients.  Each episode, we’ll source high quality ingredients and use them to prepare new amazingly flavorful dishes, complete with tips on making food work in your home.

COUPLES IN THE KITCHEN  goes beyond just recipes and shares the science behind this powerful way to take control of your personal well-being. And, because the approach doesn’t just end with their cooking, each week, we’ll learn some important tips for staying active, managing stress, proper etiquette, and above all a loving relationship and lifestyle.

It is my hope that COUPLES IN THE KITCHEN will introduce the love, friendship and lifestyle to a new audience, making this way of eating and living accessible to millions more people. COUPLES IN THE KITCHEN isn’t like any show you’ve seen before: it brings health to your home through deliciously simple meals, served with a side of science and a dash of healthy-living how-to’s.

You can read more about the origins of this project, the team behind it, and even get a glimpse of behind the scenes online at EBANMAN.COM.








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