The premier urban professional forum for the gay African-American male

The home to the Akan people in West Africa is a special place that encloses you in love, safety and security, that is what EBAN represents. Founded in 2016, EBANMAN is the premier platform offering an uncensored view of the spectrum of issues facing the professional African-American gay man.

Navigating the landscape as a gay African-American male can often be discouraging. As much as you try to ignore the challenges associated with negative media portrayal of black gay males and heteronormative beliefs within mainstream society, it’s sometimes hard to shake. You often feel the pressure of trying to balance who you are as a gay African-American male with all the expectations that come with being an African American male. Sooner or later you begin to ask yourself: Do I belong here? Is there a space for me to be my true self? The answer is yes, EBANMAN. Through our online, digital and print platforms we have built a family of peers that support your utmost personal, social and professional development. As a gay African-American male it can be frustrating to be in settings where you feel invisible or misunderstood – this does not have to be the case any longer. Here at EBANMAN we want to provide navigation tools that will enable you to not just exist, but to live your best life authentically and completely.


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