Tesla Model X:Beta Testing: The Future of Transportation

​It’s not often that a car maker comes along, and attempts to sell a product that could revolutionize the industry; but that’s exactly what Elon Musk hoped to do when he started Tesla. Unsatisfied with the limited efficiency, and pollution caused by traditional automobiles powered by internal combustion engines, the one time Pay-Pal co-founder decided to start a car company that made exclusively electric cars. Late last year Tesla began delivering it’s new Model X, to customers throughout North America. Tesla’s new entry into the SUV segment comes with two 259 hp electric motors, all wheel drive, a range of 250+ miles, room for seven adults, and their luggage; and a pair of double hinged falcon wing doors that look like something straight out of science fiction. But while the falcon doors look like something out of science fiction, the performance of the Model X truly is something out of science fiction. Simply put, the Model X is the fastest accelerating production SUV ever made.

The performance version of the Model X, the P90D swaps the rear mounted 259 hp electric motor out, for one that delivers 503 hp to the rear wheels. The combined 762 hp produced by the dual electric motors allow the Model X to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds, and cover the quarter mile in 11.6 seconds. Those acceleration figures put the Model X well into the territory of purpose bred mid range offerings from Ferrari and Porsche; in an SUV that is virtually silent, can tow 5,000 lbs, seat seven, and gets the EPA equivalent of 89 miles per gallon.

Even though the Tesla Model X doesn’t officially go on sale in Europe for another few months, one has already been seen on public roads, and is believed to have been purchased by Audi to be used as an aid in the development of their own electric vehicles. Ford too is said to have purchased a Model X to use for research. When Musk announced his intentions to start Tesla years ago, automotive industry leaders and journalists laughed out loud. Today however, they are scrambling to design cars that can offer competitive levels of performance, luxury, and efficiency in single package. The only people who appear to be laughing anymore, are Elon Musk and the engineers at Tesla.


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