We live in the days of being on the go; whether it be for leisure or for business, everyone is on move. While we are on the go, we tend to use our smartphones, tablets, or even smart watches to listen to music, videos, or conference calls. I would like to showcase a speaker that I feel everyone would love and appreciate, The ICEORB Levitating Speaker. Not only does it float but it has one of the most “out of the ordinary” design. Coming with only a 25mm thickness and a circular base, this room has a 360-degree output and can be used at maximum capacity without any distortion.

It comes with several outputs such as USB port, enabling users to charge their smartphone or tablet when connected to a power source. The speaker also has the ability to connect using NFC technology or Bluetooth and connect to any compatible smart device. The speaker is equipped with a stabilization mechanism which keeps the floating stability. Although small in size, the functionality and the aesthetic is by far exceptional.
Price: $149.99


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